Prague's top attractions

You want to visit the Czech capital, but don't know yet which attractions you should definitely put on your wish list? The following sights are not to be missed. You can visit many of them for free with a Prague City Card.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is one of the most popular sights in Prague. The mighty castle on Hradčany has been the seat of many kings, emperors and presidents throughout history. Today, it is primarily one of the most visited destinations for tourists. You can visit the castle grounds for free, but if you want to see the buildings from the inside, you should buy a ticket. The ticket gives you access to St Vitus Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace, St George's Basilica and the Golden Lane.

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Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge in Prague
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The Charles Bridge is an equally popular attraction. This iconic stone bridge spanning the Vltava River is a symbol of Prague and a must-see for any visitor to the city. It is lined with many statues of saints and offers a beautiful view of both sides of the river. We recommend getting to the bridge early in the morning before most tourists.

There is a bridge tower at each end of the Charles Bridge. For a fee, you can climb both towers and enjoy the view of the Old Town or the Lesser Town.

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Old Town Square

Old Town Square in Prague
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The Old Town Square is the central square in Prague. All the streets converge here, so sooner or later you will find yourself at Old Town Square. Around the square are many restaurants, but also historic buildings such as the Old Town Hall with the Astronomical Clock, which chimes every hour and attracts countless tourists. What not everyone knows: you can enter the town hall and also visit the Astronomical Clock from the inside. You need an entrance ticket for this.

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Jewish Quarter

Spanish Synagogue in Prague
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The Jewish quarter of Prague borders the Old Town Square and is one of the most interesting regions of the city. The quarter is home to many synagogues, museums and the old Jewish cemetery. Book a guided tour to really understand the history of the quarter. An English speaking guided tour is included in Prague Visitor Pass.

There is a combined ticket for the most important sights. With the Jewish Town ticket you can visit synagogues, museums and the cemetery within seven days.

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Petrin observation tower

Petrin Lookout Tower in Prague
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The Petrin Lookout Tower is located on Petrin Hill and offers an unparalleled view of the city. The structure, built in 1891, is almost 60 metres high and was modelled on the Eiffel Tower in Paris. There are two platforms from which you can enjoy the view. You can both walk up the stairs and take a lift. However, the historic lift is often out of service. The tower also houses a small museum and a café.

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National Museum of Technology

National Museum of Technology in Prague
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The National Technical Museum in Prague is one of the most popular museums in the Czech Republic. Located in the heart of the city, it offers visitors a fascinating and comprehensive insight into the history of engineering and technology. Founded in 1908, the museum has a huge collection of artefacts, such as old locomotives, automobiles, agricultural machinery and more.

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Vyšehrad Castle

Vyšehrad Castle in Prague
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With its breathtaking views of the city skyline and remarkable history, Vyšehrad Castle is one of the most popular destinations for tourists and locals alike. Built from the 10th century onwards, the castle is a testament to Prague's rich cultural heritage. Vyšehrad is home to several historic buildings, including the Basilica of St Peter and Paul, the casemates and a cemetery where many famous Czechs have found their final resting place.

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