Prague Visitor Pass

Prague Visitor Pass

This is the Prague Visitor Pass

The Prague Visitor Pass is the official City Card of the city of Prague. With the Visitor Pass you can visit many top attractions for free and use other tourist services.

This is only a small selection of the services:

  • Prague Castle incl. St. Vitus Cathedral and Golden Lane
  • Jewish quarter incl. synagogues and cemetery
  • The towers of the Charles Bridge
  • Petřín lookout tower
  • Several city tours in Prague
  • City tour with the tourist tram
  • Boat trip in Little Venice

Public transport: One of the biggest benefits is free use of all public transport in Prague. Ride the metro, trams and buses as long as your Visitor Pass is valid.

Flexible validity: The Prague Visitor Pass is valid for 48, 72 or 120 hours once you activate it. Activation is done in the app when you use the pass for the first time.

Digital use: Download the free Prague Visitor Pass app and add your digital City Card. In the app you will find information about all participating attractions. Show your digital pass at the attractions to get your free ticket.

Cost for persons aged 15 and over:

  • 96 (48 hours)
  • 120 (72 hours)
  • 155 (120 hours)

Buy your Prague Visitor Pass online today and also download the free app.

Prague Visitor Pass: Attractions

The Prague Visitor Pass offers around 60 services that you can use free of charge. These include all of Prague's top attractions. In the table below you can see some important sights. Compare what you would have to pay for these services without Visitor Pass and with Visitor Pass:

AttractionPrice with Visitor PassPrice without Visitor Pass
Visitor Pass: 72 hours120 €
Airport Express Bus (return)0 €8 €
Guided tour of the old town0 €23 €
Prague Castle incl. Golden Lane0 €18 €
A tower of the Charles Bridge0 €8 €
Petřín observation tower with lift0 €14 €
Jewish quarter incl. synagogues and cemetery0 €20 €
City Hall with Astronomical Clock0 €16 €
Boat trip in Little Venice0 €33 €
DOX Museum0 €12 €
Public transport 72 hours0 €14 €
Total120 €166 €

In this example, you save 46 euros with the Visitor Pass compared to buying tickets individually. This is just a small excerpt of the benefits of the Prague Visitor Pass. If you visit additional sights, you will save even more money. The following offers should also be attractive for most visitors:

  • City tour with the tourist tram line 42
  • Powder Tower
  • Kampa Museum
  • National Museum of Technology
  • Charles Bridge Museum
  • Prague TV Tower in Žižkov
  • Mirror maze
  • Lobkowicz Palace
  • Prague Zoo
  • Botanical Garden
  • Vyšehrad Cathedral

You can visit these and other attractions free of charge with the Prague Visitor Pass.

You can find a complete list here.

You can also find all the attractions in the Prague Visitor Pass app, which you can download free of charge from the Apple Store and Google Store.

Hint: The city tours take place several days a week, but not every day. Tram line 42 only runs at weekends during the low season. Current dates for the tram and the city tours you can find here.

These attractions are missing

The Prague Visitor Pass contains an excellent selection of Prague attractions. Nevertheless, there are a few services missing that we would like to see. The following offers are not included in the scope of services:

  • Hop-on/hop-off bus
  • Boat trip on the Vltava (there is 20% discount)
  • National Museum
  • Staropramen Visitor Centre

Also, you will not get priority entry with the Prague Visitor Pass.

Public transport with Visitor Pass

The city of Prague has a very good public transport system. Even as a visitor, you will find it easy to use the metro or tram. You can easily reach all attractions by metro or tram. In addition, there are numerous bus lines.

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With the Prague Visitor Pass you can use all public transport free of charge as long as your pass is valid. The Airport Express Bus is also free of charge with the Visitor Pass. At Prague Airport, take the AE bus to the main train station in the city centre.

From the main station you can quickly reach your accommodation by metro or tram.

If you use the Prague Visitor Pass digitally on your phone, activate the pass in your app before your first journey. Show your digital QR code when boarding the bus or at a ticket inspection.

Here you can find maps for the metro, tram and bus networks in Prague.

What we like about the Visitor Pass

There are many arguments in favour of the Visitor Pass:

  • With the Visitor Pass you can visit most of Prague's top attractions for free. A guided city tour, a boat trip and a tram city tour are also available free of charge.
  • You can use all public transport free of charge - including metro, tram, buses and Airport Express Bus.
  • The pass is valid for 48, 72 or 120 hours. You do not have to stick to calendar days, but can also start using it in the afternoon.
  • Download the Prague Visitor Pass to your phone for convenient use as soon as you arrive in Prague. If you prefer to use a physical card, you can also pick up the Visitor Pass in Prague.
  • You can use the handy Prague Visitor Pass app on your phone. The app contains useful information about all participating attractions (incl. opening hours and addresses).
  • Overall, the Prague Visitor Pass is a very convenient product. With just one purchase, everything is paid for: you don't need any other tickets or travel passes. You don't have to pick up the pass in Prague.

What we don't like about the Visitor Pass

Nevertheless, there are also a few things that we like less about the passport:

  • The Prague Visitor Pass is relatively expensive. You need to visit many attractions to make the pass worthwhile. In doing so, you only make a small saving.
  • You will not be given priority admission. If you are at an attraction, you must queue at the box office and collect your free ticket.
  • To use the app, you must first register.
  • With the Prague Visitor Pass you cannot use the hop-on/hop-off buses. The choice of free boat trips is also limited.

Our rating

Finally, we would like to answer the question of whether it is worth buying the Prague Visitor Pass. Important criteria for us are the selection of attractions, the free use of public transport, the flexible validity and the value for money.

Prague Visitor Pass - Rating

Quality and number of attractions
Public transport & airport bus free of charge
Flexible validity
Easy to use on the phone
Value for money


The Prague Visitor Pass covers all major attractions in the city. You can also use public transport free of charge. The Visitor Pass is valid for 48, 72 or 120 hours, making it suitable for a short or a long visit to Prague. It is also convenient that you can use the City Card on your phone. The accompanying app is practical and informative. However, the Visitor Pass is quite expensive.


FAQ about the Visitor Pass

Where can I buy the Prague Visitor Pass?

You can buy the Prague Visitor Pass from our partner company: GetYourGuide. After purchase, the Visitor Pass can be imported into the associated app.

Alternatively, the Prague Visitor Pass is also available at the tourist information offices in Prague (for example at the town hall or at the airport).

How long is the Prague Visitor Pass valid?

From activation, the Visitor Pass is valid for 48, 72 or 120 hours. You can activate the pass yourself in the app as soon as you use the pass for the first time.

Can I use the Prague Visitor Pass on the phone?

Yes, you can use the Prague Visitor Pass via the dedicated app on your phone. Simply show the digital QR code when you visit an attraction or use public transport.

However, you can pick up the Prague Visitor Pass at a tourist information office in Prague. In this case, you will receive a physical card.

Can I use public transport with the Prague Visitor Pass?

Yes, with the Prague Visitor Pass you can use the metro, trams and buses free of charge for 48, 72 or 120 hours. You can also use the Airport Express Bus with the pass.